Environmental Benefits


Long term use fossil fuel will produce a lot of Co2 and pollutants, lead to different diseases and the global warming problem.the Emissions of carbon dioxide will cause the rise of the global temperature,the rise of sea level, as well as affect ecological balance . Solar power will not produce any Co2 or harmful gas during converting into useful energy. The exploiting, collecting and transportation of fossil fuel will lead to badly degradation of geology ecology. As well as the risk of leakage of fossil oil. Different from fossil oil, solar energy not only free of change, easy to get, but also inexhaustible.

According to estimates. There are 54.04 billions Co2 come from energy consumption in 2014 from USA, in contrast. There is almost no carbon from Solar power, actually, with more and more families and companies start to use solar power, we can work together to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and protect our earth.